He was pink, furry, and full of chubs.
Cute. Sweet. And a bit naive.

Like all members of his species, Bubby was delicate. Easily bruised with the softest touch. Easily bled by the smallest prick.

Unlike many of his kind, Bubby felt sad. He saw other types of woodland creatures play Rough and Tumble. Those creatures didn’t let Bubby play with them. They said he was too soft, too easily hurt. They made fun of his pink fur and chubby round body. Out of all the things that easily hurt Bubby, it was the words that hurt the most. They shouted at him,

“Softy! Pinky!
Squishy! Twinkie!”

Good with computers and machinery, Bubby made a mighty metallic robot version of himself. He transferred his mind and thoughts into the robot, and proceeded to delete his soft chubby body.

Bubby became metallic and powerful. He was able to lift heavy objects, run far distances, and leap high and far.

No longer mushy, Bubby’s robot mechanics made him loud, mean, and very demanding. The other woodland creatures were scared of him. None wanted to play with Metal Bubby. No longer was Bubby weak, though the words still hurt. He would overhear them say

“So weird. So pushy.
I liked him better when he was mushy.”

Bubby finally gave up trying to be friends with the other woodland creatures not of his kind. He went back to his people, but many could not recognize him. They were all pink, furry, and full of chub. Unlike Metal Bubby.

He tried playing kick-ball but kicked the ball so hard and so high it dented the moon. He tried hugging his old best friend, but crushed her into powder. Bubby’s mom felt sad for him and softly niced his metal face. But Bubby was so strong and so metallic, he couldn’t feel her caress.

Bubby had a mighty shell, but was still very sad.

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