There was a madness amongst them. Their yearning and desire for more and more and more of the Shiny-shines was infinite, without pause or rest.

On the planet of Dahab, the Shiney-shines were everywhere. The grounds, the oceans, the mountains. Nowhere could the people go to rest their eyes from the troubling Shiney-shines. There was so much of it, there was little room on the planet for other things like birds, grass, soil, or water.

Travellers from other planets would coast through the galaxy and marvel at how much Shiney-shines blanketed the planet. Like a jewel in the black of space.

Never stopping for a visit, for fear of catching the Shiney-shine bug. A dangerous illness that made you mad for more and more Shiney-shines. A desire for more, more than your friends, more than your brother, more than your mom.

Everywhere on Dahab, the Shiney-shines lived and multiplied, being fed and nourished by the psychic energies of the planet’s people.



It is said that many eras ago, the planet’s people were kind, loving, and full of grace. There was once a time when the people pursued and pursued knowledge. Their continued growth in intellect united the people of the Dahab.

Their unity was so strong, that at one very special moment, their minds became one.

It was at that single moment in time, anything and everything good and great became possible and within reach.

Sadly, also possible was the worst.

See, in their pursuit of intellect, they strengthened too much their minds and too little their hearts. Together, their united one-mind turned against them in the most surprising way.

Their one-mind gave them what they deeply yearned for: More Shiney-shines.

So much more, they were blinded and could see and want nothing else but the shine.

All minds want Shiney-shines.

The heart, when healthy, knows to only take as little as needed. For too much of the shine creates illness. A strong mind, with a weak heart, is vulnerable to the bug.

The planet shines bright like a massive gem in the backdrop of the galaxy, while the people on the planet are unconsciously dull and melancholy.



No, this story does not end happily for the people of Dahab.

It continues ever after, neither good nor bad, but as a shiney warning for travellers and watchers from neighboring planets.

Keep mind of your hearts, and not give too much heart to your minds.

Only the heart, when strong, can ward off the Shiney-shine bug.

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