Island Of Downlookers

The island grounds were filled with filth. Mud, garbage, and all sorts of nasty stuff spread everywhere and kept growing. Nobody knew where all the grossness was coming from. It just kept piling on. Nobody could find the source.

People were disappearing. Many blamed the disappearances on the perpetual growth of filth overtaking streets, parks, and even small dwellings.

Everyone was addicted to looking down.

Those that disappeared

On this island of downlookers, every once in a while, someone would look up in astonishment. What the uplooker would see is gold, diamonds, precious stones, and hard cash falling from the sky. The uplooker would try to collect as much as possible from the limitless pouring of wealth. As the uplooker’s eyes followed the wealth falling, she would see it hit the ground and immediately turn into garbage.

“People! Look up! Look up!” shouted one converted uplooker.

“How can we look up when there’s so much trash and filth to navigate and walk over?!” shouted back some people sad, and some people angry.

Disappointed in the response of her fellow downlookers, the uplooker gathered as much wealth as she could, packed her bags, and left to the neighbouring island to find her once lost friends and family, still looking up.

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